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Discover the secret to success in today’s unprecedented business world with the guidance of experienced experts from the Bit By Bit fractional team.

We hand-pick experts tailored to your culture and needs who have decades of experience and knowledge that aligns with your industry. Our Bit By Bit team or individual expert will give you hours back in your day so you can do what you love to do: running your company. 

Our experts will take care of your business like it is their own.

Our dedicated experts have owned, run and consulted in challenging environments and will empower and guide you and your current team. They will hit the ground running from day one.

At Bit By Bit Brilliance, we believe finding the Right Expert – Right Fit should never be a burden or cause our CEOs sleepless nights. Instead, it will be a driver of growth  propelling your company forward. 

Partner with the Bit By Bit team of experts to seamlessly bridge the gaps, allowing you to focus on running your company smoothly and achieving success.

At our initial Business-People Assessment, we will discuss your business goals and
people needs to match you with the Right Expert - Right Fit that will take your
company to the next level and give you hours back in your day.

The Bit By Bit team is committed to helping your business achieve scalable and sustainable growth. Our team of fractional experts take a thorough look at every aspect of your business and strategically craft a customized plan that suits your specific needs. We work closely with your team to ensure the successful execution of this plan, guiding you every step of the way. With our collaborative approach, you can confidently navigate the journey towards long-term success and self-sufficiency. Let us support you in building a self-managed entity that thrives beyond your wildest dreams.

Partnering with the Bit By Bit team of fractional seasoned professionals offers remarkable savings advantages. By leveraging their expertise and experience on a fractional basis, you can access top-tier C-suite talent without the need for full-time commitments or extensive overhead costs. This strategic partnership allows you to optimize your resources and allocate your budget more efficiently, ultimately leading to significant cost savings for your business.

Recruiting is costly, time consuming and hires that don’t work out are even more expensive. You can improve your odds with our Bit By Bit team of dedicated experts.


Bit By Bit Brilliance
Bit By Bit fractional experts will provide the right expertise to
bridge the gaps and propel your company towards success in a fraction of the cost and time.
Additional Services We Provide:
Executive Coaching - Corporate Training - Employee Relations, Organizational Development - Emotional Intelligence - Meditation - Stress Relief Techniques
Are you in compliance and aware of the ever-changing employment laws and regulations?
How will you hire and retain talent?
Are your employees engaged?
Do your employees trust you?

In today’s business world employee engagement is a crucial focus for organizations. The negative effects of layoffs, lack of support, and other factors have led to a rise in disengaged employees, low morale and “quiet quitting.” A Fractional Chief People Officer will strategically develop a people-centric strategy to drive business success. Leadership teams are looking to HR to rebuild excitement in the workplace, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

Deloitte research (reported in MIT’s Sloan Review) identifies employee trust as a key driver of engagement. Trusting employees are more motivated at work and less likely to quit. Some employees are quitting without giving 2 weeks notice. The challenge is that around a quarter of employees don’t trust their employer — and most leaders overestimate employee trust by a margin of 40%.

Hire a Bit By Bit Fractional Chief People Officer and get a better night’s sleep.

Leveraging decades of experience in leading-edge entrepreneurial and fast-growing companies, as well as solving major crises in startup, scaleup and turnaround companies, the Bit By Bit team brings their knowledge, expertise, dedication, passion and enthusiasm to alleviate our clients’ worries. 

When the crisis is great, and even if the hour is late, we will be here for you.

We encourage you to schedule some time with our founder and say goodbye to your business-people worries.

If you have an urgent question or situation, please do not hesitate to contact us 617-942-6160

Right Expert - Right Fit with the Bit By Bit Team

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